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Is it necessary to go for outsourcing?

The answer to this question can be decided only by you. Before deciding on this, you need to be sure about the facts you are looking for. Is it about attractive prices, good quality and less turnaround duration or else. It is really not wise to go for some cheap outsourcing as then you will end up with wasteful material and will have to bear even more cost in order to get it all right.

What important considerations are required while thinking to outsource?

Working out and listing all your requirements and not completely relying over vendor can help you in making right outsourcing decision. Besides working out on all details, you should ask for full transparency of all process and work along with overall turnaround time and cost.

What different projects are being undertaken by you?

Multiple projects are handled from transcription, web designing, content writing and even web presence.

What about the owner’s data being provided to you? Is it kept confidential?

An NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is signed by us with our respective clients, before finally starting on for work. This agreement clearly clarifies that selling or disclosing details of any products or ideas related to business is completely restricted in our organization. Every piece of work and content will completely be company’s intellectual property.

The earlier outsourcing experience did not work out really well for me? I fear of the same with you?

Only a good team can make an organization’s work renowned. We proudly stand with a team and with an experience of 10+ years. We have ability to successfully handle both small and large projects. You can start with small projects with us and then order for bulk projects. Working style of our team is unique which can be adjusted on your exact requirements. Once our team develops similar understanding, working experience with us would be really wonderful.

Give me some professional details of members in your team?

Our team is completely professional in work and can adjust to any kind of working style. There are different expert writers for writing blogs, articles, web content, web designers, marketers and transcriptionists. All of them are highly experienced and knowledgeable.

Is the communication process within your team smooth?

Yes. The communication technique employed by us helps us to interact regularly with clients and provide them necessary assistance with solutions at required times. The relationship manager makes it sure to understand customer’s requirement at best and to work according to feedbacks provided. Emails, chats and con-calls are carried on regularly.

Explain something about project completion process?

In order to complete project on timeline provided, we work on devoted resource basis, turnkey basis and hourly basis. We will assist you in selecting most cost effective model that fits best for your project.

Will I be provided with all the work details in your proposal?

Well, this actually depends on the type of your work. The time line for work is decided during deal making and only after this work is sent to team members. In case there are any changes in delivery schedule then details of this is being told to clients in advance and timely. Delivery time can also be rescheduled depending upon feedbacks provided by you.

What is done to maintain work quality?

We shall sustain finest work quality as according to our standards and provide transparency in work. Details concerned to timelines, finances and deliverables will be provided to you in our proposals.

Is there any difference between your standard and global standards?

The standard of our work is similar to global set and is not in accordance to any particular customs and vicinity. We adjust according to style required by our clients only and try to meet each and every customer requirement before, during and after work.

How will I be informed about progress report of my project?

Before initiating the work, we shall lay down all milestones for an assignment. Work and turnaround details are provided to clients at regular intervals.

Can you tell me about your working hours?

Time schedule for our work is in accordance to Indian standard time which is 9:00 AM to 9: PM or 3:30 AM to 3:30 PM GMT time. The sales team is however, available in varied time zones. For more comprehensive information, click on contact us.

Do I have to make any advance payment or I can pay entire amount later on?

You have to pay some part of payment in advance while the remaining balance can be provided by you at time of final delivery. If you continue doing work with us for long time period, then we can surely devise some easy paying solutions or can even accept payments made on weekly basis.

What is the mode of payment?

Paying to us is not all difficult. We offer easy paying solutions such as Moneybookers, PayPal, Wire transfers and even through credit cards. We accept all payments forms in GBP, USD, INR and EURO.

If I am not satisfied with final work provided to me, then will the issue be resolved or not?

For sure yes. Customer satisfaction is most important to us and we will help even if the work is completely finished. We have even designed some warranty time of days and months especially for our clients so that they can check the final work completely. Even maintenance is offered by us to provide our clients the best service.

Who is the person to be contacted in order to communicate all my requirements?

You can directly mail us at with all details of your work and your contact number. Our sales team will directly contact you. You can even communicate via messengers, detailed information about which is available on ‘Contact Us’ page.